Hair Smoothing Treatment

Our Hairdressing Salon in Aberdeen are proud to offer the new Nanokeratin System Smoothing Hair Treatment. If you dream of soft, shiny and manageable hair then this hair straightening treatment could be just what you have been waiting for, speak to our professional stylists at Spoil Me Hair Salon for advice and say goodbye to bad hair days!


This fabulous hair smoothing treatment is specially formulated, suiting all hair types, to keep your hair strong, smooth and shiny. Its biometric ingredients deeply penetrate even the smallest hair fibres to activate the inner hair tissue creating a non-soluble coating that emulates your natural hair structure.

Our hair smoothing treatment has been formulated for natural, coloured and sensitised hair and will smooth your hair for up to 6 months, whilst working to replenish and restore the health of your hair, nourishing your gorgeous locks!

The Nanokeratin smoothing treatment is 100% effective in rejuvenating damaged hair, and if you have unruly, frizzy hair you will see a massive reduction in frizz and curls. If your hair is naturally straight, it will appear shinier and smoother and all hair types will gain strength and be more manageable.

The Nanokeratin Systems Smoothing Treatment is enhanced with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and essential oils providing, care, protection, nourishment, balancing and anti-ageing actions. This resulting in perfectly soft, smooth and lustrous hair!

Get rid of those frizzy hair days and book in for your hair smoothing appointment with one of our friendly team at our hair salon in Aberdeen, Spoil Me Hair.