Loyalty Rewards

loyalty-rewards 2
VERY soon we will be rewarding our fabulous clients with
Loyalty Rewards
each time they do something “loyal”.

Watch this space for the chance to earn FABULOUS treats.

Loyalty Rewards can be awarded for many in-salon or on-website actions with various points values –

  • Registration on our in-salon WiFi
  • Wifi Login each time you visit
  • Like a page or post
  • Leave a comment
  • Take part in a poll
  • Answer questions (to build your profile)
  • Watch a video
  • Upload a photo (selfie?)
  • Buy a deal
  • Recommend a friend
  • Leave a Review

Loyalty Rewards can be –

  • Swapped for vouchers
  • Spent in our online Voucher store for products or services
  • Spent for event tickets – e.g. styling nights
  • Given/sent to friends via SMS