A Guide to Hair Care during Pregnancy from Spoilme Hair Salon in Inverurie, Aberdeen

During pregnancy your hormones fluctuate wildly causing changes to your body, your waistline and strangely enough even your hair!

These hormones can play havoc with your locks making them dry, greasy and even turning your naturally straight hair curly!

This is why our team of hairdressers in Aberdeen have put together this guide to help you care for your hair during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

Please consult your GP if you have any health issues or concerns during or after pregnancy.

Colouring your hair while pregnant

The NHS now say that most research into colouring your hair whilst pregnant and breastfeeding generally shows that it is safe, as the level of chemicals coming into contact with your scalp is low. However it may be advisable to wait until after the first trimester to colour your hair.

Click here to read the official guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant from the NHS

To reduce the risk of overuse of chemicals you could have a few highlights or lowlights, or semi-permanent dye during pregnancy, rather than a full head of colour as these treatments are less likely to contact your scalp and create fewer fumes.

Why is my hair out of control during pregnancy?

You may experience changes in your hair during pregnancy, your hair could become thicker, shinier, oilier, drier, straighter or even curlier! Speak to your hair stylist at Spoilme Hair Salon to find out how you can look after your hair during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Hair Troubles

After the birth of your baby some women experience hair loss, this is usually minimal and should not cause concern, this is a result of oestrogen levels returning to normal. Please talk to your GP if you are concerned or come and talk to your stylist at Spoilme Hair Salon to see if we can make you feel and look gorgeous again with a different style.

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Hairstyle ideas during pregnancy and for new Mums

Pregnancy can bring changes to your hair texture, your hair may get thicker, this is because the levels of oestrogen are much higher. This is the time when you may feel like a different hairstyle which is easy to maintain. Speak to your hairstylist at Spoilme Hair Salon on the options available for you to create the hairstyle to suit your face shape. Experiment with your long hair, you can easily braid or plait your hair, put it up into a ponytail or even try a bun ring!

If you would prefer a shorter hairstyle, make sure you keep up with regular hair appointments with your stylist at Spoilme Hair Salon, so your hair can be kept in great condition.

If you are looking for a salon to relax whilst pregnant then join us at Spoilme Hair Salon for some relaxation and pampering or if you are looking for pregnancy gift ideas then why not purchase some hair and beauty products or gift vouchers!

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