Hair Styles to Suit Different Face Shapes

Will the latest hairstyle suit your face shape?

The stylists at our Hair Salon in Inverurie, Aberdeen are here to help.

We can help you find the best haircuts and hair styles to suit your face shape because it doesn’t matter if you have a long, oval, round, square or heart face shape, there are hair styles, hair cuts and hair colours that will enhance your facial features.  

The amazing My Aveda Makeover app

Aveda recently launched the My Aveda Makeover app which lets us show you various virtual hairstyles and colours.


We can upload a picture of you so you can try out new hairstyles from the comfort of your sofa.

The My Aveda Makeover program lets you play with a variety of hairstyles and then customise colours, highlights and lowlights.

Using our in-salon iPad we can show you the results of any suggested hair colours and restyles – and make sure it suits your face shape.

What Shape is Your Face?

Follow these simple steps to find out your face shape:

  •         Scrape your hair back
  •         Take an old lipstick and lightly trace the outline of your face onto a mirror
  •         Compare the outline with our images below to discover which face shape you have

Or simply pop into Spoil Me Hair in Inverurie and let an expert assess your face shape!

Flattering hairstyles for Long Face Shapes

Long-face hair ideasShoulder-length or shorter hairstyles are the best hair cuts and hairstyles for long face shapes as they balance out the length of your face.

If you have a long face shape consider adding width to your hairstyle with layers around the middle point of the face or opt for a voluminous upstyle like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Waves and curls also flatter a long face shape by adding volume to balance out the length of the face, while fringes shorten the appearance of a longer forehead by reducing the length of the face, like Kate Beckinsale

Avoid a centre parting if you have a long face shape because it draws the eye down the centre of your face, making it appear longer.

Hair Styles for Round Face Shapes

Round-Face-HairRound face shapes usually feature soft full cheeks and rounded foreheads and chins.

The best hair cuts and hair styles for round shaped faces focus on slimming the face.  Think about adding height with an up-style like  Adele’s high beehive which can balance out a round face

Shorter hairstyles work well on people with round face shapes.  Consider a graduated bob that begins at the nape and rests to a point under the chin, as seen on Kelly ClarksonFlattering hairstyles for round faces include layered fringes and layers that frame the face.

For more on hairstyle services in Aberdeen, take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles at Spoil Me Hair Salon.

Hair Styles for Oval Shaped Faces

Oval-Face ShapeOval face shapes are often thought of as the best face shapes because so you can have just about any hairstyles you desire.   Jennifer Aniston, Eva Mendez and Charlize Theron all have oval face shapes which is why you see them changing their hair looks so often.

The best hairstyles for an oval face shape include long hair, short hair, layered hair styles and bobs!  Experiment with a variety of hair cuts, hairstyles and hair colours to flatter and suit your features

Avoid hairstyles that hang over your face or that come forward onto your face. 

Hairstyles to Flatter Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-face shapeA heart shaped face or inverted triangle face shape usually has a wider temple (perhaps with a widow’s peak) and a narrow pointed chin and jawline.  Opt for a hairstyle which adds volume around the jaw or chin area to balance out your features. 

The best haircut and hairstyle for heart face shapes is a short bob, which looks fantastic with curly or wavy hair or layers just under the cheekbones. 

Marilyn Monroe’s wavy hairstyle for a heart shaped face remains an iconic hairstyle to this day.  Fringes are also a great way to balance out a heart shaped face, as you can see from Christina Ricci and Reece Witherspoon’s hairstyles.

Avoid hair styles with added height or any hairstyle that is too slicked back.

Hair Styles to Soften Square Face Shapes

Square face shape hairstylesSquare face shapes are strong and angular and convey an appearance of strength and power.  

Choose a style that adds texture – perhaps waves and curls as seen on Keira Knightley– if you want a hairstyle to soften a square shaped face

Fringes that are cut to the eyebrows and shaped longer at the sides are also great hair ideas to balance a square shaped face.

If you want to emphasise your strong looks wear your hair long and straight like Demi Moore or Gwyneth Paltrow.

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