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Hair Cuts and Hairstyles from Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie

Spoil Me Hair Salon in Aberdeen, Inverurie is an Aveda recommended salon in the Aberdeenshire area that aims to provide hair cuts and hair styles that are an individual as you are!

From the moment you walk into our highly recommended Inverurie salon, we will work with you to create a bespoke hair cut and hairstyle that works with you, your personality and your lifestyle not just the moment you leave, but all year round.

As an Aveda hair salon in Aberdeenshire, you can be guaranteed dedicated, luxurious service, exceptional hairdressing skills coupled with a passion and drive to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the very latest hair trends.

Achieve your dream hair thanks to our expert hairdressers at Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie.  Crafting the best hair cut and hair style for you as an individual requires years of dedicated experience, skill and precision cutting skills.  Choosing the best hair cut or hair style is so much more than pinning a variety of hair photos on Pinterest or checking out your favourite celebrity’s latest hair cut from their Twitter feed.

The rise of social media means we can draw inspiration for new hair cuts and hair styles from so many places and not just hair magazines.  But, will the hairstyle photo you’ve just uploaded onto your Instagram feed really work with you as an individual?  Which hair cuts and hair styles will suit your individual face shape? Will your hectic lifestyle leave enough time for hair styling and maintenance? Which hair styles will you be able to recreate with ease at home?

For more on hairstyle services in Aberdeen, take a look at our hairstyles to suit your face shape at Spoil Me Hair Salon and get the perfect look for you.

All these burning hair cut questions can be answered by the professional hairdressing team at Spoil Me.  Our collective decades of training and experience means the hairdressers at Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie are at the forefront of the hair industry and know instantly what will work for you.  We will not only advise you on the best hair cuts and hair styles for you as an individual but we will give you advice on home hair care and styling tips to ensure you look and feel your best every day.

Whether you have long hair, shoulder-length medium hair or short hair, at Spoil Me we will definitely have a hair cut and hair style in mind for you.  The restyle process at Spoil Me works like this:

The One to One Consultation

Your Spoil Me hair stylist will firstly have an informal chat with you regarding your current hair style, hair cut and home hair care regime.  During this consultation we will find out about your lifestyle to help create the best hair cut for your needs; are you a gym bunny training 5 days a week? Do you have young children who take priority over hair styling time in the mornings? Do you have a job where you want to create the best impression and need to look your best every day? Whatever your situation, these types of questions will help us craft the very best hair cut and hair style. 

Hair Colour

Our hair colour pages touch on this in more depth but during your first informal consultation your Spoil Me your stylist will also discuss hair colour options with you.  As an official Aveda hair salon, we believe in the power of Aveda’s 95% naturally derived hair colour which will leave hair infused with rich multidimensional tones to make your hair work to it’s full potential.  Colouring hair is important to help restore youth and vitality to grey hair.  We are specialists in hair colour correction and can suggest a brand new hair colour that will enhance your natural skin tone and features. For more information on hair colour services in Aberdeen please visit our hair colour page. And if you do have a hair colour disaster, for more information on hair colour correction in Aberdeen take a look at our hair colour correction at Spoil Me Hair Salon.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Short Hair

Your initial Spoil Me consultation is now complete and it is time to begin your restyle and transformation!  If you have opted for a short hair cut and hair style, then short elfin chopped hairpixie crops and graduated bobs are just a few of the many short hair cuts and styles that could work for you. Adding texture with tousled waves, backcombing your bob to add volume or adding a statement fringe can really make your short hair cut and hairstyle stand out.  With short hair cuts and hair styles, it is vital to maintain regular appointments every 6 weeks to keep your precision short hair cut in optimum condition.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length or mid-length hair cuts and hair styles are versatile with a huge range of choice when it comes to this hair length.  If you have mid length hair then finding out a little more about your personality and lifestyle can help your Spoil Me stylist advise the best hair cut and style possible. If you’re an active woman who often ties her hair back then you’ll want to avoid layers that are too short (so your hair can fit through a hair tie and remain in place). When it comes to hair colour, if high lights or low lights are your preferred method of hair colour application then you may want to think about opting for full head highlights rather than half head to ensure an even coverage all round, whatever your hair style.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Long Hair

Hairstyles for long hair are endless.  The trend for braids, plaits and weaves shows no sign of slowing down and is a perfect way to add a natural, romantic finish to any long hairstyle.  Long hair can be left very natural with no layers and hardly any need for styling for that boho effect (depending on your hair type). For those who require something more Hollywood than hippie, adding layers to long hair and finishing off with a big bouncy blow dry will give you that film star edge every time. Long hair is great for updos and upstyles, whether sophisticated or informal.  Curls work well with long hair including ghd curls, spiral wanded curls or beachy waves. If you’re desperate for long hair and desperate for it now then consider hair extensions to add length and thickness to your own natural hair. As a stockist and supplier of Racoon hair extensions, these 100% human hair extensions are bonded to the hair using a keratin bond and usually last XX to XX months with good care.  For more information about hair extensions please see our hair extensions page here.

Fringes at Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie

Fringes can be the ultimate ‘piéce de résistance’ finishing off your new hair cut and hair style perfectly.  Whatever hair type and hair length, there is a great fringe style for almost everyone.  Whether you’re opting for a blunt fringe as seen on Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland or a side swept fringe like Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, finding the best fringe for you comes down to your face shape. For example, create balance against a pointy chin and narrow a wide temple by cutting a fringe with longer sides or opt for blunt fringes to help shorten the length of a long face.  If you have an oval face shape, you might want to avoid a fringe altogether as bringing hair forward onto an oval face shape can add weight to the face.

Hair Cuts and Hair Styles for Face Shapes

Do you know what face shape you have?  Find out how to discover your face shape and read our tips for choosing the best hair cut and hair style for your face shape.  Click on our hairstyles for face shapes blog and discover your best hair cut and hairstyle today.

Haircuts and Hairstyles at Spoil Me Salon, Inverurie

Trust our hairdressing salon in Aberdeen, to take your hair care into our hands and create the most flattering hair cut and hair style that will make you look and feel fabulous.  Click here to book online or call us on 01467 624880.