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Aveda Hair Color Services from Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie

Truly personalised hair colour with plant power instead of petrochemicals.  The pampering salon services that combine beauty, wellbeing and the respect of the environment.

Aveda’s high touch philosophy and 95% naturally derived hair colour.

The look you want, our expert colourists and stylists will create the total look that suits your lifestyle.

Why You Should Colour Your Hair Professionally

Hair Colour is an art form which requires professional attention, experience and hair colour expertise.  With your hair being arguably your most prominent feature, put your trust in a professional who has been extensively trained in the technical art of hair colour by Aveda.  The extensive experience of the whole team coupled with rigorous quality control and guidelines from Aveda has enabled our Hairdressing Salon in Aberdeen to gain huge popularity as a recommended hair salon.  We are dedicated to hair colour and providing a first class luxurious service for each client.

Why Aveda?

Aveda leads the way when it comes to developing beautiful hair colours with less chemicals and less damage.  Aveda’s commitment to the environment has resulted in the creation of gentle yet powerful plant-based hair colours.  Aveda hair colours answer all of your hair colour needs naturally.  Aveda’s customised hair colour system offers precisely matched permanent and long lasting deposit-only shades.  With naturally derived ingredients including certified organic conditioning oils, create silky, vibrant unique hair colours thanks to Aveda.

Hair Colour Techniques

At Spoil Me Hair Salon we offer a full and varied range of hair colour application techniques depending on your hair length, condition and desired hair colour and effect.  The process of hair colour application is tailor made for each individual client during an informal one to one consultation.  Here we will discuss hair colour ideas and hair styles with you along with delving into your lifestyle and home haircare routines. This allows your Spoil Me hair colour technician to devise the best hair colour for you that will be long lasting and flatter your skin tone and features.

So, with hair colour decided, what is the best way to apply hair colour? There are many different methods of hair colour application that we offer at Spoil Me Salon, Inverurie:

Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are one of the most popular hair colour techniques as they create a stunning multi dimensional hair colour.  Foil strips in varying widths and lengths are carefully and precisely placed throughout the hair.  You can opt for a full head highlights (great for those who wear their hair in upstyles or tied back as the hair colour is even all over) or half head highlights.
Tint with scattered foils is also an option for a more subtle highlighted or lowlighted colour.

Permanent colour using the full spectrum of Aveda colour can create the most beautiful all over hair colour with permanent results.  Great for covering grey hair or just ensuring your hair colour lasts as long as possible.

Semi-Permanent hair colour is also a fantastic option for those wanting to colour grey hair, providing a full coverage. If you change your hair colour often, a semi permanent shade could be the choice for you.

Partial colours, such as a flash of colour through the fringe is an option that can be discussed with your Aveda hair colour technician at Spoil Me Salon.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Your brand new hair colour starts with a Spoil Me Salon signature treatment.  Restore you hair’s health, strength and vitality with our hair treatments:

Damage Remedy – repairs and strengthens damaged hair by up to 84%
Dry Remedy – moisturises and improves dry hair by up to 86%
Scalp Remedy –  an intense detoxifier that balances the scalp

Gloss Treatments

Want to inject some mirror like shine into your new hair colour? Then the hair colour glossing treatments at Spoil Me salon are an essential part of your hair colour appointment! With 99% natural ingredients and a soothing lavender aroma, choose from a clear gloss for ultimate shine or a customised colour gloss to enhance your new hair colour with added extra shine.

Hair Colour Correction

Put your hair colour into the hands of a professional and avoid instances of hair colour problems. If a home hair dye has gone wrong and turned into a hair dye disaster, the first thing to do it remain calm and seek professional hairdressing help immediately.  Attempting to dye over your hair again and cover the problem will more often than not, simply make the hair colour worse.  With no two areas of hair on your head the same, you need a professional hair colour technician to asses each individual area of your hair.  They will be able to identify the porous areas that need extra TLC and other hair colour issues, such as unsightly bands of hair colour that have overlapped and highlights that are too orange in colour. It’s why our expert hair colour technicians at Spoil Me assess every hair colour correction individually and create a bespoke hair colour solution.

For more on hair colour correction in Aberdeen, take a look at our hair colour correction at Spoil Me Hair Salon.


Hair Color at Spoil Me Hair Salon, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

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