Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction at Spoil Me Hair, Inverurie

If you have a hair colour disaster don’t worry, at our hairdressers in Inverurie we have the skills, techniques and experience to help correct your hair colour problems back to stunning hair colour results. If you have a hair colour problem seek professional help immediately with one of our expert hair colour technicians who will be able to advise on the best course of action to correct your hair colour disaster.


Correcting hair colour problems

If your home hair dye has gone wrong and turned into a hair dye disaster, don’t panic, we can assess your hair and create a bespoke hair colour solution especially for you. Don’t try and dye over your hair colour again as this will simply make the hair colour worse. One of our professional hair colour technicians will assess your hair colour problem identifying the areas that need colour correcting, giving you back your confidence and gorgeous hair colour results.

This can be as simple as dealing with unsightly bands of hair colour, or highlights that are too orange, yellow or brassy. Our expert colour technicians deal with these kind of problems every day, and can be easily fixed giving you back gorgeous coloured hair.

Hair Colour is too dark or too light?

If your hair colour has turned out too dark we can lighten your hair colour with a few highlights or if your hair is simply too light we can darken by adding a warmer darker shade of lowlights. Whatever your hair colour problem we can assess your hair colour shade and one of our professional hair colour technicians can advise you on correcting your hair colour disaster!

Hair Colour Correction

If your hair has been over processed with bleach or by the sun, your hair may have become too dry or too brittle. At Spoil Me Hair we can assess and repair bleach damaged hair by restoring some of the moisture that has been lost from over processing to get your hair back to its former glory.

If you want to change the colour of your hair this is not as straight forward as simply applying a new shade over the top, so if you have a hair colour disaster you need to give us a call and speak to the expert hair colour technicians, we have the experience and techniques to colour your hair back to perfection!

For more on hair colour services in Aberdeen, take a look at our hair colour at Spoil Me Hair.

Hair Colour Correction Appointment

Give one of our team a call at our Hair Salon in Aberdeen to book your hair colour correction appointment on 01467 624880 and let the experts put it right.